• If you have tasked USDTravel to submit your booking for a refund, the refund has been / will be forwarded to the pertinent airline as requested. A lot of discussions between the airlines and agents took place as in particular AF/DL/KL were playing for time. That has been clarified now, those airlines now adhere to the ususal processing procedures as of 10 APR. AMERICAN appears to have an advantage as to processing time for refunds submitted the first week after the travel ban started, we will keep you posted in regards to that. Lufthansa and United have their own way to handle refunds, all we can do is to submit and wait for their input.
  • The airlines realized that the guidelines for REBOOKING were too overwhelming. The current guidelines/instructions foresee a change free of charge even till Dec 21 but still with reservations/restrictions.


  • pls understand that USDTravel has PROVIDED for the ticket only. By issuing the ticket a TRANSPORTATION CONTRACT has been signed between the AIRLINE and the PASSENGER, consequently the AIRLINE has to reimburse the ticket price and NOT USDTRAVEL!
  • pls also note that in accordance with the TERMS&CONDITIONS of USDTravel the original service fee is NON- REFUNDABLE. The PROVISION CONTRACT was accomplished by the payment and issuance of the ticket in good faith as authorized and agreed upon.
  • The airlines have been swamped by refunds /rebookings since 13 MAR in the course of the crisis. The processing time takes much longer than usual because of the tremendous workload, pls be PATIENT. Planes are grounded, airlines have to fight like everybody else to make the best out of it . Pls allow the airline to do their job in an adequate time frame, to LIVE AND LET LIVE is the only possible way to go!
  • That also applies for USDTravel as your travel partner. Yes , we take a fee for our work but we are here for you every day! WE WALK THE EXTRA MILE, NO MATTER WHAT!

Thank you!

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